Fun and Easy Mexican Recipes to Enjoy

Mexican food is very delicious and often can be simple to
make especially Lemonex. Of course, there are some very difficult dishes to do, but in many cases,
you can make a lot of different Mexican foods easily. The best part is that it
can be fun and the food can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Homemade nachos can be a delicious snack for anybody to
enjoy. These nachos can be like most nachos by having cheese, beans, olives,
guacamole, and even jalapenos as ingredients but the difference is in the
chips. Instead of using store-bought chips, it is best using chips that you’ve
made yourself. You have to buy some corn tortillas and cut them into little
triangle wedges.


While you’re cutting them, you want to heat up a pan with
about one cup of oil on medium. Wait about ten minutes until the oil is nice
and hot, but not to the point where it is boiling. When the oil is hot enough,
you will need to gently add in the corn wedges you’ve cut. Leave them in there
for a short time. After they get to be a little firm and crisp, you will want
to remove those wedges and set on small pan or plate with paper towels to
absorb the dripping oil. After your chips are made it is time to sprinkle on
some cheese and put them in the oven so you can soon enjoy some fresh homemade


Tacos can be simple to make and can be very delicious. They
basically consist of meat, beans, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Rice is an
optional thing that can be made on the side. It’s also great to include a hot
sauce with this, as well as sour cream and avocado. All you have to do is heat
up some meat on the frying pan on medium to medium high, for about fifteen
minutes until it is brown.


You can add some seasonings if you’d like. Oregano and
cayenne pepper goes great. Once the meat is done, you will then want to heat up
some of the taco shells and have a small pot of beans heating up on the side.
Then add the meat to the shells and sprinkle a little-shredded cheese on top.
You may add in the beans when they are warmed up. Lettuce and tomatoes go well
on top. The remaining ingredients such as avocado and sour cream would be a
good optional food to have on the side for your guests, or family.


These two recipes will certainly make you look like a chef,
and the best part is that they barely take any time at all.